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Offload your high demand file and video streaming to our clustered load balanced cloud. Our cloud does not replace your current web host, it provides a way to offload your bandwidth & server load while allowing you to remain on a single VPS, dedicated server, or shared host. However, you can also connect one of our dedicated servers to the cloud to host your website and run scripts on your cloud files. Offloading your file hosting also allows you to survive a Slashdot/Digg effect by freeing up more resources on your server.

  • Use your own domains/subdomains (eg. no limit!
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Your files are stored on a raided disk server
  • Files are served from a managed load balanced web cluster
  • Flash/video streaming allowed (.flv, .wmv, etc...)
  • 10GB of storage space free, +$5 per 10GB extra

We do not oversell our resources like "unlimited" web hosts.
No overage fees: you can simply move up to the next level of service when your limit is reached.
Allowed File Content: Anything that's legal; images, videos, flash, etc...

Monthly Bandwidth Pricing

  • 500GB - $30.00
  • 1TB - $50.00
  • $50 per 1TB of transfer over 1TB!
  • Our monthly bandwidth pricing includes all hardware and management costs.
  • Need extra storage space or more bandwidth?
    Email us for a custom quote:


  • Files are uploaded via FTP (unless connected to a dedicated server)
  • Tickets are submitted via our customer support system
  • Bandwidth utilization graphs are available inside the customer support system
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee
  • Test file: 100MB

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